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Water Refiners

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Consider a Water Refiner to Remove Unwanted Minerals

If you’re looking for something that works above and beyond a water softener, consider a water refiner system from Clear Water Technologies. While a water softener removes minerals such as calcium and magnesium from your water, its main task is to replace them with sodium ions which keep scale from being laid down in plumbing pipes.


 A water refiner is a water softener on steroids. It targets and reduces additional harmful contaminants, purifying the water even further. Give us a call or email us for a FREE consultation to learn more.

Do You Need a Water Refiner?

If you smell chlorine when turning on your faucet, this is because local municipalities use chlorine to treat city water and kill bacteria. While this won’t harm you and your family, we recommend removing the chlorine before it reaches your taps.

Las Vegas has some of the worst water quality in our country. In fact, it has been recently ranked 3rd worst water in the NATION! #1 worst overall for hardness. A FREE water test can determine if a water refiner is a solution to your water problems.

Popular Water Refiner Products

Clear Water Technologies offers Las Vegas residents water refiner products from major American manufacturers. Whether you want to purify the water at home, business or both, let us help you find the best water refiner product that fits your needs and budget. Below are our most popular water refiners that Clear Water Technologies offers. Click on the link to learn more about each product. Contact us at (702) 964-9287 for pricing information. We beat estimates!



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