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CW Water Conditioner Antiscale System

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CW Water Conditioner Anti-Scale System

Get the Best Water Conditioners Available in Town

Whether you’re looking to soften the water at your home or business property, Clear Water Technologies can help you find the best water conditioner products in town.

No-salt water conditioners work on the principle that solids will not be deposited in your pipes by descaling your water and naturally altering the chemical structure. Salt-free systems require no electricity and use less water than a traditional softener. To learn more, contact us for a FREE consultation today.

Why Do You Need a Water Conditioner?

As the snow melts in the Rocky Mountains and makes its way to the Colorado River channel, calcium and magnesium dissolve from the surrounding rock. While these minerals pose no health risk, the residue can be a nuisance.

The benefits of water conditioners include no slippery feeling, longer appliance life and water spot reduction. Conditioning your water is an investment that will save you money and improve how you feel in your own home.

Water Softeners vs. Water Conditioners

Water softeners are designed to make your water soft by replacing minerals in the water with less damaging sodium or potassium ions.

This makes the water “feel” better on your skin and, with the inclusion of carbon filters, it will make your water taste and smell better.

Water conditioners are made to change the chemical structure of the hard minerals in your water and do a similar job of keeping your pipes and appliances cleaner without adding any salt to your system.

CW Water Conditioners

  1. Coconut shell carbon: Removes chlorine, pesticides, herbicides, volatile organic compounds, taste and odor
  2. KDF-55: Bacteria static media that removes heavy metals and chlorine
  3. Water guard scale control: Prevents scale deposits; removes existing scale; requires no chemicals

Benefits Include

  • No salt
  • No electricity
  • No drain needed
  • No wasted water

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