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Green Elite Alkaline Reverse Osmosis

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Green Elite Alkaline Reverse Osmosis

A Drinking Water System to Suit Your Entire Family

Do you know what’s in your drinking water? Never again worry about bad smells, poor taste and harmful elements that pass through your property’s pipes.

The Clear Water Technologies’ Green Elite Alkaline system removes sediment and other impurities via filters that offer pure water time and time again. Call us today to learn more about the Green Elite Alkaline and FREE consultation.

Features of the Green Elite Alkaline

  • Sediment filter: Removes sand, dirt and other sediment down to 1 micron
  • Ultra-prefiltration carbon: 1/2-micron carbon filtration has the highest chemical adsorption rate of any similar carbon block filter, which saves membrane life
  • Carbon block post-filter: Activated carbon filter; removes the remaining chlorine taste and odor down to the 10-micron level
  • High-flow membrane: This is the heart and soul of the system; filters down to the molecular level; the Pentair 1:1 waste to water ratio membrane is the most efficient membrane engineered today
  • Alkaline filter: Adds beneficial minerals back into the water; increases the pH level to 8.5 to 10

Bio Ceramic Alkaline Filter Components

  • D600 Antioxidant mineral spheres
  • Bio Ceramic alkalizer
  • ORB mineral stones
  • D300 alkalizing bio tablets
  • Mineral balls

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